New Telugu Movie of Jisshu Sengupta with Tamil Actress Sai Pallavi

Jisshu Sengupta was recently working with Chiranjeevi in ​​a southern film. This time another southern picture of him was announced. The name of the film is ‘Shyam Singh Roy’. Jesus will play an important role in that film. However, this is not the only bong connection in the film. The shooting of this Telugu language supernatural thriller started in December last year in Hyderabad. There is a special road in Kolkata and a set in the style of the Kalighat temple. Some locations in Kolkata are a special choice of producers-directors. Finding out about the film is a story of rebirth in the context of Kolkata.

There was a lot of practice in the Telugu film industry surrounding the casting of this film. Nani is playing the lead role in the film. His character’s name is Shyam Singh Roy. Sai Pallavi and Rashmika Mandana proposed two female characters in the film but Rashmika did not agree to do the film. He felt that his character behind Sai Pallavi’s character could be suppressed. So the ray goes away. Sai survives in this city Sai Pallavi fans are not less. The film’s producer went to Twitter to congratulate Jesus for being involved in the film. Jesus replied that he was happy to be part of the picture.