Jacqueline Fernandez Stopped At Airport For Involved in Money Laundering

Jacqueline Fernandez: Allegedly involved in money laundering, Jacqueline stopped at the airport while leaving the country.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been detained at Mumbai Airport. Jacqueline was scheduled to travel to Dubai on Sunday to perform. But the security guards stopped him at the airport.

Immigration officials did not allow travel abroad because of her contact with Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who was accused in a money laundering case. That’s why she cannot go abroad.

ED has already filed a lengthy charge sheet against Sukesh. There, ED has made several links based on the allegation of embezzlement of Rs 200 crore.

ED sees regular financial transactions happen between Jacqueline and Sukesh. Sukesh had regular contact with Jacqueline.

Phone calls were also made from the jail. After getting bail, Sukesh traveled to Delhi and Chennai with Jacqueline. According to ED sources, Jacqueline and Sukesh were in a hotel at that time.

Sukesh also gave many gifts to Jacqueline. He gifted a Persian cat worth 9 lakh rupees. In addition, a transaction of Rs 52 lakh was initially reported spent on a house, but later it came to know that a horse was gifted to Jacqueline.

Sukesh also had contact with another actress, Nora Fateh. He gifted a BMW car to Nora, according to ED sources.

However, Nora has denied the allegations. He said there was no such transaction. He doesn’t even know Sukesh. All in all, the situation seems to be severe enough.