Google Tulip: Now Available in Google Assistant With Google Home | Google Tulip App

Google Tulip is developed by Google in Netherland. Netherland is the highest flower produce country in the world. Its Produces 12.5 million flowers in a year. The favorite and famous flower in this country is the tulip.

Humans can communicate with other human using their own language. Plants also have their own language to communicate with each other but humans cannot decode the plant’s language. To solve this communication problem Google developed a special feature called Google tulip for understanding the plant’s language and communicate with them.

Scientists have discovered that plants communicate and send signals to their neighbor’s plants using their roots. Decoding the plant’s Language was a very tough challenge but Google makes it possible.

It’s an Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) to communicate with flowers and plants. It works with Google Assistant on Google Home. After two years of trial and tests, Tulip features is now added to Google home. Google Home is now able to communicate with plants. The feature was tested in Netherlands famous flower park Keukenhof.


How to Use Google Tulip Features:

Users can use this feature by saying “okay google, talk to my tulip”.

Using it we can understand the tulip’s needs. If a tulip needs water or light it will say “I need water or I need more light”.

You can also ask “What you need” it will reply I need water or I need sunlight.


Google Tulip App Download:

You Can Download the Google Home app from Google Play Store. Tulip is a feature of Google Home


How to Use Google Tulip App

Download Google Home App from the Play store and connect it with your google home device.

  1. Open the app
  2. Say “Okay Google, talk to my tulip”.

Google Says, They Will Improve this feature by providing several updates in future